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Q/A:  What's the story with SimpleLandDeals.com?

Hello. We review hundreds of properties every year to find the best land deals possible.  We re-sell the land online to our customers and VIP Platinum Buyer's Club members, 25-75% below the retail market.  Our goal is to keep the process simple for everyone involved.  After a decade of working in the real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries, we believe the land business is the simplest way to make money in real estate. SimpleLandDeals.com was created to facilitate simple land transactions for everyone. - Keep it Simple.

Q/A:  I was referred to you.  I have a property (or properties) for sale, do you want to buy my land?

Possibly.  Please know that we are selective about the land we purchase.  If you have a property or two that you want us to review for purchase, please send us the following information: the State, County, APN (parcel number), and if available, the current property tax statement, Legal Description, and copy of the Recorded Deed.  This is all public information that should be available through the county office where the property is located.  If you have several properties or even a whole list of properties, contact us to discuss a potential bulk land purchase.  Typically, we buy land located in rural, vacant areas of the country, where the land is still in its natural state, and has little to no additions, improvements, buildings, structures, etc.  We also buy land in undeveloped subdivisions or mobile home parks that may or may not yet have power, water, or other utilities in the area.  Let us know what land you have for sale, and we will see if we can make the deal happen.   

Q/A:  I inherited this property (or properties), will you buy my land?

Possibly.  Much will depend on how the property is currently titled and setup for ownership transfer, survivor rights, and any will or probate court orders that may apply.  A copy of the recorded deed and current tax statement from the county where the property is located will be helpful in quickly determining how we may be able to help you.  If you do not have this document, we may still be able to help you.  Other information such as the State, County, APN (parcel number), legal description, GPS coordinates, and the information any local property owner association are all helpful in the review of a property.  TIP:  Contact the county where the property is located to obtain all the public information available on the property, such as the parcel number, recorded deed, legal description, and current property tax statement.   

Q/A:  I have a property (or properties) with back taxes or association dues, will you still buy my land?

Possibly.  Our preference is to buy the land free, clear, and current of any liens, taxes, association dues, or other encumbrances.  We review each deal individually to determine if it makes financial sense to buy the land.  TIP:  It is not uncommon for people who have recently inherited property to suddenly learn they are not able or willing to maintain the property, pay the property taxes, and association dues; or some may just simply decide they no longer have a need for the property.  Contact us -- tell us your situation, and we will review the deal to determine what we can offer for the land.

Q/A:  If I am not in the land business, can I purchase land from you anyway?

Sure.  We sell to established real estate investors, land re-sellers, and the general public.  Some of our best customers are new to this business, and many eventually become investors and re-sell the land themselves.  Please review FAQs section here, and take a look at the properties we have available.  When you find a property that you like, you are welcome to buy it.  TIP:  Be sure to signup for our buyers list on our home page.  It is free.  Platinum Buyers Club members receive priority notices on new land deals.

Q/A:  Do you hire photographers to take pictures of your land for property listings?

In some cases, we will compensate for good pictures. Quality pictures of rural vacant land takes a little know-how, and with extra effort, can be done quite well.   We do have a few requirements before we can compensate for pictures taken by photographers.  Let us know if you have sample pictures of our properties for us to review.  If the picture samples meet our requirements – we may hire you for more photography.

Q/A:  Are you looking for partners in the land business?

Yes. On a deal by deal basis, we do engage with investment partners, especially on certain large deals.  Contact us to discuss targeted target property investments and acquisition strategy. 

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