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 Q/A:  I am interested in your property, what more can you tell me about it?

We purchase property primarily for purpose of re-selling to an investor or new buyer.  Everything we know about the property is included in the listing.  Today, there are a number of online tools to assist the public with learning more about a property and surrounding areas, such a Google Earth, Google Maps, and Bing Maps.  The APN number and GPS coordinates are posted in each property listing for your reference and use with these online tools.   

Q/A:  Why is the land so cheap (or inexpensive)?

We review thousands of properties every year and purchase the only best priced properties individually and we also buy properties in large bulk volume at deeply discounted wholesale rates so we can sell them to you at wholesale prices 50-75% below similar properties available on the market.

Q/A:  Do you have any land for me that fits my specific criteria?

Maybe.  You are going to know best what you want, and what might work for you.  Our land inventory changes continuously over time, it comes and goes, and priced to sell out quickly.  Please browse our Land Deals page on our website to see what properties we have available right now.  TIP:  Sign-up to our VIP Buyer's List by entering your email on our home page, so that you will receive priority notice on new land deals and other announcements.

Q/A:  Where is the property located?

GPS coordinates are provided for every listing and represent the approximate center point of the property.  On the property listing page, click on the View Map button to launch Google Maps showing the GPS location of the property, get directions and review additional information about the surrounding areas.  Zoom in close to the property to see terrain, roads, and waterways.  TIP:  In many counties using Google Maps you can zoom in with the "road map" view to see the parcel boundary lines of the property.  Please keep in mind these are approximate boundary lines for the parcel, but usually close enough to help you make a buying decision.

Q/A:  Does the property have a physical street address?

Generally, rural vacant land has not yet been assigned a physical street address.  We recommend you contact the county office with the APN number and/or legal description of the property.  When you call, ask for the department or person that manages rural street addressing.  If needed, you may want to ask them what will be required to have one assigned after you purchase the property.  

Q/A:  Do you have any pictures of the land?

When pictures of the property are available, we will post them with the property listing; otherwise, we try to post pictures of the local area within the county to illustrate the nearby topography.  Sometimes, we do hire people to go take pictures, but we have noticed that someone often buys the land before we even receive the pictures.  If you are touring our properties, please take as many pictures as you want or need to make your buying decision.  If you are not able to go take pictures yourself, consider using a company such as WeGoLook.com or similar service.  TIP:  For pictures and information on the surrounding area, copy and paste the GPS coordinates from the property listing into Google, do a quick search, then select Images just under the Google search bar to see all kinds of pictures, images, and information from the surrounding areas. 

Q/A:  Is the APN the same as a Parcel Number? 

Yes.  APN stands for Assessor Parcel Number or more commonly referred to as the parcel number.  This number is typically used by the county as a unique identifier for the property in their record system.  In some counties, it can also be referred to as a UPC number or just simply the Record Number.

Q/A:  What are the taxes for the property?

Please see the tax information section in each individual listing. The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated, and will vary by parcel. If the tax information is missing, please let us know, so we can confirm the current taxes for the property and fix the listing.  TIP:  Property taxes on rural vacant land is typically very low when compared to other types of properties near large populations, with utilities, building structures, or other improvements. 

Q/A:  Are there any back taxes or liens on the property?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our properties are free, clear and current when we transfer title to you.

Q/A:  May I raise crops or animals on the property?

Probably, but each property has its own local restrictions and requirements. To be sure, you should check with the planning and zoning departments with the county and/or city, and any local private owners associations such as the land owners association (LOA) or homeowners association (HOA).  TIP:  Be nice to these people, because they can be very helpful in getting the information you need or they can make getting the information extremely difficult and time-consuming – it’s up to you.

Q/A:  Is there water available? 

Bulk potable water delivery services can be found online.  Try a quick search on Google for Bulk Water Delivery, many service providers are available that offer potable water, tanks, and delivery.  With most rural vacant land properties, bulk water delivery can be a reasonable solution until you decide if/when to drill a well.  Please keep in mind that drilling a water well can be expensive ($5,000 and up) depending on the depth of the well, and may require special permits based on the size and location of the property. 

Q/A:  Does the property have utilities (or power)?

Possibly.  If utilities are known to exist on the property or near the property, it will be stated in the property details.  Power solutions for off-the-grid lifestyle has improved tremendously over the years with great advances in communications, sanitation, water systems, solar and wind energy systems.  TIP:  If the property is located near an area with population, you may be able to zoom in close with the satellite or street views on Google Maps or Bing Maps and see the power poles or lines present in the area.

Q/A:  Are mineral rights included with the property?

Unless otherwise described in the property details, it is unlikely that mineral rights are included with the property.   Researching the mineral rights ownership is specialty title research and very time consuming for the individual investor.  If you have a particular interest in mineral rights or other specialty title searches, consider a professional research company such as AFX Research or similar service.

Q/A:  Does the land Perc?

Not sure on most of these.  A Perc Test (aka “Perk Test”, and more formally known as a “Percolation Test”), is an evaluation of the soil that tests the rate at which water is able to drain through the soil. The test results provide information required to properly design and install a septic system.  You can find a lot of helpful information on line on this subject.  In general, the test consists of digging a hole about the size of a 5-gallon bucket, filling the hole with water, and then measuring the water absorption rate over time.  Depending on the local municipality, building codes, and land guidelines; there may be requirements related to the depth and diameter of the test location, and volume of the water used for a valid test.  TIP:  If obtaining the results to a perc test is the only thing keeping you from buying one of our properties, please call us.  We will most likely give you permission to perform the test yourself or you can hire someone trained to perform the test at your own expense. 

Q/A;  May I park an RV, Trailer, or Mobile Home on the property; or put a Tiny House on the land?

Hopefully.  To be sure, you should check with the planning and zoning departments of that county and/or city, and any local private owners associations; such as the land owners association (LOA) or homeowners association (HOA).  TIP: Be polite to these people, tell them what you would like to do, and then ask them about any restrictions or what can be done, and what other landowners are doing in the area...these people can be very helpful when buying land.

Q/A:  May I re-sell your properties?

Yes please do.  Hopefully, you can sell the land for a lot more money, and then come back to do it again -- that is how we started out in this business.  Let us know if you need help with the paperwork to make the deal happen.