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Q/A:  Do I need a real estate agent or attorney to buy or sell land?

No.  Land owners have bought and sold property from the beginning of time without the help (or costs) of an attorney or real estate agents.  We buy land directly from the land owner.  And when selling, we own our land and/or have the rights to sell directly to you.  We do not charge retainer fees, hourly rates, or commissions, which his enables us to offer you the best prices on the land.  We have simplified the buying and selling process, and use straightforward, easy-to-read documents making the process of buying land (and selling land) easy for everyone.

Q/A:  Will you give me a tour of the property?

No.  As much as we enjoying being outside and seeing the landscapes; we simply do not have the time to give on-site property tours. Today, you can get an incredible amount of information about individual properties and the surrounding areas online.  Look up the GPS coordinates we provide in the property listing to help you find and review the property using Google EarthGoogle Maps or Bing Maps. Also, see the other FAQs on touring a property.  If you like the land, buy it before somebody else does!

Q/A:  May I go see the property before I buy it?

Yes, please do.  Each property is unique.  Some require a four wheel drive vehicle to locate, while others have “drive-up” road access.  Use the GPS coordinates in the property listing to help you find directions to the property.  We do ask that you be respectful to the land and neighbors by keeping your vehicle on designated roads, trails, and/or paths.   Be prepared and go during daylight hours.  Take plenty of water and a cell phone with you.  Tell somebody where you are going, and when you plan to return.   We are not responsible or liable for anything that happens to you.

Q/A:  I want to buy land but I really need financing or a payment plan?

Here's a Question...What if you knew that you could get financing with reasonable monthly payments and No Down Payment Required so that you could buy the land from us that you really want with title insurance at the low cash sale price today...sound good? 

Great news - the banks have come a long way over the last 10 years and now with an average credit profile, the banks are much more willing to extend lines of credit to more customers.  We highly recommend that you contact a bank or credit union in your local area to see what is available to you today.  With the low cash sale price of our land deals, it is possible to a obtain a personal line of credit to complete your land purchase at the Discounted Cash Sale Price - Yes, the discounted cash sale price!  

What is a personal line of credit and how can it help me buy land?  A personal line of credit is not attached to a particular property, and provides you much more flexibility with immediate access to funds up to your approved credit limit and No Down Payment is required.  This personal line of credit can be used to purchase property, or buy other items you may want for use on your land, or just to have available to you as an additional source of funds.  So yes, it is possible to buy land from us at the Discounted Cash Sale Price, and then pay off the purchase over time with reasonable monthly payments directly to the bank - it really is that simple. 

How do I get a personal line of credit from a bank?​  Go to a bank or credit union or call your favorite bank to ask what "Line of Credit" product offers are available today.  The application process is very simple and many banks have attractive line of credit offers with low introductory interest rates right now.   Once your personal line of credit has been approved by the bank, you can access the funds to buy a property from us the same day!​

If your bank will not help you, then give us a call, and we can refer you to our local banks for assistance.  Or, we can discuss other finance options that would require a significant down payment or possibly a lease purchase agreement that would require a deposit. 

Q/A:  Do your payment plans have pre-payment penalties for early pay off?

No.  In fact, we typically reward our buyers with a discount on the remaining balance when the payment plan is paid in full early.  The discount is posted in each property listing with the payment plan details.  

Q/A:  May I use multiple credit cards to buy land?

Yes when buying direct from us.  Please have credit card information ready and make separate payments with each card as needed to fully complete the payment.

Q/A:  Do you offer title insurance?

Yes, with most of our financed properties we will buy for you a title insurance policy in your name and close via First American Title Company, unless otherwise stated.

Q/A:  Do I need title insurance?

This answer is really based on your own tolerance for risk, so it must be your decision.  You can buy title insurance later if you decide it is necessary.  When you buy land at ultra low wholesale prices and without any mortgage involved, you can choose whether or not you really need or want title insurance.   You might want to consider the following:  How much is really at risk?  What am I going to use the land for?  Will I develop or build on the land or will i just use the land for recreation?  Is it really necessary to buy relatively expensive title insurance right now for this particular property?  Either way, do not let title insurance keep you from buying land. 

Q/A:  Can I buy land in my kid’s name?

Yes. One of the nice things about transferring land in the United States is that the buyer does not have to sign. The seller signs the deed as the grantor of the land, granting the property to the Grantee as the receiver of the grant.  A child, not yet of age to sign a legally binding contracts, does not need to sign to receive or take ownership of land.  However, they may have a hard time selling it until they are of legal age.  And, for some ill-advised (or ungrateful) children that can sometimes be a very good thing.

Q/A:  How should I take title to the property?

There are all kinds of ways to own a property.  Two of the major title companies provide a decent summary on different ways to hold title; click here for First American Title or First National Title.  Or, click this link Common Title Phrases to see helpful examples of the more common title phrases used to take or hold the title of real property. 

Q/A:  Can we use escrow to close?

Yes.  However, this will be a buyer's expense.  The closing costs will include title insurance as well.  We may have a preference on the title/escrow company due to our investor discounts on closing costs that can benefit you as the they Buyer as well - keep it simple. 

Q/A:  When will I receive the deed to the property when closing through a title/escrow company?

Approximately 30 days.  Generally the title/escrow officer is ready to close the transaction, as soon as the Commitment for Title Insurance is ready, all closing documents have been signed, and guaranteed funds have been delivered to the title/escrow company to complete the transaction.  The title/escrow company will record the deed with the county electronically at closing, and then deliver the deed package to you with a copy of all documents for your records.  Title/Escrow closing can be completed in-person or by mail.  

Q/A:  When will I receive the deed to the property when closing direct with your company?

Approximately 7-10 days.  The deed package is typically prepared and shipped within 5 days via USPS priority mail service.  You officially own the property the moment you receive the deed from us.  The deed package that you receive will include instructions on how to record the deed to the property.   It takes 2-3 weeks for you to record the deed by mail or you can always record the deed at the county office in person.  Depending on the county, it takes 1-2 months for the county office to complete their official recording process and send the recorded deed back to you.  TIP:  To protect your rights to your property, we recommend that you record the new deed into the county public records.  It is not a requirement to record the deed, and the decision to record your deed with the county is completely up to you. 

Q/A:  Will you record the deed (or sale) for me?

The title/escrow company will record the sale and new deed for you.  If you elect to close direct with us without a title/escrow company, we can record the deed and sale for you in some counties.  Please note, after we have submitted the deed to the county for recording, we have no control over their processing time, and they all move at their own pace.  Some counties allow for electronic recording, which has helped speed up the timeline.  However, many counties still require deed recording to be completed by mail or even in-person.  When the sale and new deed is recorded, the county will mail the recorded deed directly to you -- so please be patient.