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Q/A:  I am a Buyer - tell me how it works?

When you are ready to buy, then Contact Us by phone or email with the APN number shown in the property listing.  We offer incredible discounts for single payment cash deals and our 90-day Same as Cash purchase program.  Also, we offer budget flexible long term payments with down payment matching based on the regular price for some properties.  Long term payment plans are setup directly with us and can be purchased with or without title insurance.  Properties typically sell quickly, so let us help you buy it today!

To Close through an Escrow Company (With Title Insurance):  On cash deals, we may elect to close though a title/escrow company.  We will select a preferred title and escrow company, where our discounts as an investor will also benefit you as the Buyer.  We will send you a simple and easy to understand contract for your review and signature.  The agreement will clearly describe the terms and conditions of the sale.  Once we have a fully signed agreement, the title/escrow company will prepare all the paperwork, coordinate the document signing to facilitate the transaction closing, and then you will own the land with title insurance.   After the closing, you will receive the final deed package directly from the title/escrow company with the completed and signed escrow documents, your recorded deed for the land, and copy of the title insurance policy for your records.

To Close Direct with Us (Without Title Insurance):  We will send you a simple and easy to understand contract for your review and signature.  The agreement will clearly describe the terms and conditions of the sale.  We accept multiple forms of payment on direct closings.  When the amount due for the sale has been paid in full (and confirmed by our bank), we have your new deed package prepared and shipped to you USPS Priority Mail with tracking numbers - Yes, it's really that simple.  

TIP:  We invite you to add your email address to our VIP Buyer's List on our home page to receive priority notices and get first look at the new land lands.  Simple to do....and It's free to be on the list.  So, please share this page with your friends!

Q/A:  I am a Seller - tell me how it works?

We prefer to keep the deal transaction process as simple as possible.  With a few pieces of information, such as the parcel number and city or county location, we can usually review the property and generate an offer for your consideration.  Call us. 

If you have already received an offer letter from us, then we are interested in buying your land.  To accept our offer, simply sign the offer letter agreement, and return it to us for final review.  Signed offer letter agreements are received at our office by mail, fax, or email 24 hours a day.  Once received, we will contact you to answer questions, and confirm any information needed for the review.

TIP:  You can easily send us your signed offer letter agreement via email.  Simply take a picture of the signed agreement with your phone camera, then attach to an email or text and send the signed agreement to us via your phone.

When approved, we handle all the paperwork to complete the deal, use notarized signatures for the deed package, and there are no hidden fees or commissions.  We make arrangements for the notary to meet with you at a convenient place, date, and time for final signatures on the closing documents and you will receive the payment as we agreed, at that time. 

In some cases with larger acquisitions or when buying multiple properties in a single transaction, we may elect to use a title and/or escrow company to facilitate the closing.  And, we generally cover all the closing costs in these types of transactions​.


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